Okay folks, I am ready to start taking requests for the small group specialty dining spots. This will work the same as it did in 2017. We have a personal reservation for Michelle Ridge and I each night at a specialty dining restaurant and we have room for some friends to join us…
We have room for approximately 15 people per dinner. You can still make your own dining reservations with friends and family who are joining you when booking opens up later in the year.
In addition to the below specialty dining reservations, you can also get tickets to join fellow paralegal cruisers for complimentary dining each night using this link: http://paralegalcruise2018.com/attendee-events/

Available Reservations

The reservation is for 7:30 each night – please keep in mind that means you need to arrive at the restaurant at 7:20 p.m. as we will be seated as a group at 7:30 promptly… PLEASE, promptness matters.
Saturday – Cagneys
Sunday – Teppanyaki
Monday – Le Bistro
Tuesday – Cagney’s

Reservations in General

Reservations are suggested for specialty dining restaurants. You can certainly dine there without a reservation but the specialty restaurants are small and your preferred dining time may not be available. Individual reservations for specialty dining open up about 90 days prior to sailing. Reservations are binding, so if you make a reservation, make sure you cancel it or you may be charged.
This reservation will not show up in your NCL profile because the reservation is under my name, however, this is a binding reservation so make sure you do not double book.

Sample Menus

These sample menus are provided for your convenience only and are subject to change.


There is no cost today to make your reservation, you pay at the restaurant. Each person is responsible for their own meal/drinks. See information below re: dining package or paying individually. This reservation is binding. If you fail to show up, you will be charged.

Dining Package

You may have a 3 or 4 night dining package included in your booking if you chose that promotion when you booked. If not, you can pay as you go OR you can purchase a dining package. Purchasing a dining package is recommended if you plan to eat at a specialty dining restrauant each night. If you don’t have a dining pacakge and want to purchase one, you can purchase it ahead of time on NCL’s website or you can wait and purchase it on board.
You can learn about dining pacakges here: https://www.ncl.com/onboard-packages/dining-packages

Individual Pricing (for individuals who do not have a dining package)

If you do not have a Dining Package, you can pay as you go. A dining package is definitely worth it unless you are only going to do specialty dining once.
Cagneys – Menu Prices – Works just like a regular restaurant, the menu will have prices and you just pay for whatever you order.
Le Bistro – Menu Prices – Works just like a regular restaurant, the menu will have prices and you just pay for whatever you order.
Teppanyaki – Cover price per person which covers your entire meal, at this time I believe the price is $35.34 per person. 

I thought dining was included?!

It is!! There are tons of complimentary dining options available on the Epic. Specialty dining consists of a handful of “upgraded” dining options. There is absolutely no requirement to use specialty dining.
You can learn about complimentary and specialty dining options here: https://www.ncl.com/cruise-ship/epic/whats-on-board/dining


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